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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It Takes a Village- Cash Wealth- Cash Crowd Fund

It takes a village is a saying that we use when referring to raising children. It means that it takes many positive inputs from family members, neighbors, colleagues, clergymen to place the child on the right track. When mom and dad are not there, then neighbors and church family step in to lend a helping hand. Now, I will apply this same saying to cash wealth.  That brings me to the reason that I am writing this post. I recently joined Cash Crowd Fund where it takes a village of people helping each other fund projects from creating an emergency fund to paying off cars, mortgages, tuition, raising money to help fund your cause. You decide what your project will be. I love it. People helping each other by giving small amounts of money to meet their project goal.

Now many of you have heard of Go Fund Me, Kicker Starter, and some others. They all charge a fee and if you don't make your goal your project is taken down. With these, you need a crowd to help you. Here at Cash Crowd Fund, you will invite two people ( you can invite more to ensure that you have active participants) who have a total of $37 dollars. Twelve will go to admin for your website and the $25 dollars will be fund someone's project. All gifts are cash. We only accept cash. Cash Crowd Fund only operates in the United States.

I am looking for eight motivated people who are Ready to Take Action Now- Enter Username-Vansbiz and who will help me fund my first project which is to create an elevated raised garden. Eating healthy has become very important to me. Last year, I tried to grow some vegetables, however, I only managed to get one tomato, one squash, and one cucumber. So this year, I started early growing my vegetables inside until the last frost. Just about that time. I have been pricing raised a garden and they can get quite expensive. Therefore, my first cash crowd fund goal is $400 dollars. This will enable me to buy two elevated raised garden beds. I am so excited to get my vegetables outside. Right now, their getting sun from my back window. This is extremely important to me help me get my elevated raised garden beds so that I can share my harvest with family and friends. 

If you are ready to accept my Personal Invitation Click on the link below and enter username: vansbiz


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